Who Will Win The World Cup 2014?

World Cup is the most important football (or soccer, as Americans call it) tournament in the world. The World Cup 2014 will be taking place in Brazil, from 12 June to 13th of July. It will be the second time Brazil has hosted this competition and needless to say they’re favorites to lift the trophy on the 13th, but will it really be like that? Let’s see which national teams are likely to win.

1) Brazil

• Brazil will play like there is no tomorrow. This is the first time that country is hosting the world cup, since 1950. In 1950 they lost in finals, to Uruguay. Their motivation will definitely be through the roof. As anyone who is into football knows, Brazil has always had the best attackers and attacking middle fielders in the world but now, their defense is just as good.

2) Germany

• Germany may have lost to Brazil in the 2002 World Cup finals, but they are quite possibly the most complete team on the tournament. Germany has always had a different mindset that any other national team. They always play to win and they play until the last minute. It won’t be a surprise if they lift the trophy.

3) Argentina

• Messi, Tevez, Higuain, Di Maria, Aguero – probably the best or second best attack in the world right now. Their midfielders are not far behind from German or Spanish. Their only problem might be their defense, but on a good day, Argentina can easily score 3 goals to anyone, even football giants that nurture the tradition of great defense, like Germany.

4) Italy

• Italy are never favorites and they barely pass the group stage on any tournament, but somehow they always get to semi finals at least. Their defense has always been among the best in the world and that is still their strongest weapon. No one can score more than two goals to Italy. Tactically, they are by far the most versatile team on the entire tournament. Everyone always underestimates Italy and that’s why they’re likely to beat anyone.

5) Belgium

• Belgium has the potential to be the biggest surprise when it comes to World Cup 2014. They can go as far as finals and if they do, they can beat absolutely anyone. Like Italy, they will be underestimated by everyone. Their middle field is incredibly strong with many intelligent, tactical and physical players like Fellaini. Needless to say Vincent Kompany is among the best defenders in the world right now.

In the end, only one thing is certain. World Cup 2014 has the potential to be the most exciting soccer tournament since World Cup 2002. Who will win? That remains to be seen.

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